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Telephone Lines and WiFi Issues

Telephone Lines and WiFi Issues

Date: 28 July 2021 | By: admin
Hello Everyone,
We are working as quickly as we can with our provider to get our phonelines back up and running, we are also going to set up a temporary number for incoming calls.
This needs to be used sensibly by those who do really need to speak with us, and for those with general enquiries, administration enquiries (to include insurance claims) or non urgent appointments (this includes vaccinations) do need to email.
As our email influx will become much higher we do need to keep patient as our team try their best to keep up with the demand this may see up to 5 working days.
We appreciate that this is frustrating as we are deeply frustrated ourselves.
We are working with a new provider to enable a better telephone system to be installed over the next week.
Until further notice please be kind and courteous as we try our best to help you and your pet.
- P.S to those who do have access to the contact numbers of members of our team, we would please ask you to not use this advantage during this time as this will only add to the complications we are experiencing.
Best Wishes,
Vlad & Vienna


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