Meet Our MobiVET Family

Our team at MobiVET consists of dedicated and compassionate individuals, who, all in their own way, bring an aspect of themselves that MobiVET would not be the same without.
Dr Vlad Rimbu MRCVS - Vlad is the Founder and Clinical Director of MobiVET, you can always find Vlad cwtching a dog or his top skill is 'stealing' everyone else's Stethoscopes!
Vienna Killick - Vienna is the Veterinary Practice Manager at MobiVET, Vienna is the chief of problem solving and her top skill is chatting for Wales (self confessed)!
Courtney Williams - Courtney is the Deputy Veterinary Practice Manager at MobiVET, you'll never lose her in the practice with her bright orange hair. You'll often find her obsessing over Cavapoo's or another tattoo!
Dr Lacramioara Cantoriu MRCVS - Lacra is a Veterinary Surgeon and Soft Tissue Surgeon at MobiVET, Lacra has a passion for Soft Tissue Surgery and is always looking for that Stethoscope that Vlad 'borrowed'!
Dr Valeriu Nedelcu MRCVS - Val is a Veterinary Surgeon and has a special interest in Diagnostic Imaging at MobiVET, Val is often found in our Imaging Suite deciphering complex X Rays and completing Ultrasounds. Or found floating around in Crocs, because he's that 'cool' guy!
Julia Suazo MRCVS - Julia is a Veterinary Surgeon at MobiVET. Julia is from Madrid, she has a passion for Arabian horses and on her days off she enjoys a 'Siesta'!
Dr Teodora Munteanu MRCVS - Teo is a Veterinary Surgeon at MobiVET, She always has her head in a book and you'll find her making Pot Noodles in the staff kitchen!
Dr Zsuzsanna Molnar MRCVS - Zsuzsa is a Veterinary Surgeon at MobiVET, she started her Veterinary Medicine degree in Romania, mid-way she transferred to Budapest and finished her education in Ireland. Some would call her a 'World Class' Vet!
Kelly Westall RVN - Kelly is the head Veterinary Nurse at MobiVET, she has a passion for her horses, Siani and Lancer, but when it comes to her job, she doesn't horse around!
Lorna Bevan RVN - Lorna is a Veterinary Nurse at MobiVET. Nicknamed Lorneeker, she is a fantastic Veterinary Nurse and that's why most clients seek her (see what we did there) . . .
Danielle Morgan RVN - Danielle is a Veterinary Nurse at MobiVET. Danielle loves her Dachshunds and Terriers, she also has two Shetland Ponies that she is often chasing around the field (Insert Benny Hill Theme Tune)
Ellie Robinson SVN - Ellie is a Student Veterinary Nurse at MobiVET. Ellie is often found getting things off the top shelf (if you know, you know). . . Self Quoted ``Never fast, Always Furious``
Kathryn Teale - Kathryn is a Receptionist here at MobiVET
Chloe Lambert - Chloe is a Receptionist here at MobiVET, She's a 'dog mom' to her Frenchie Eddie and even has a full size portrait of Eddie's face on her leg! #dedication
Jacqui Edwards - Jacqui is a Receptionist here at MobiVET, Jacqui is the queen of scanning and filing! Always fast, Never furious!
Effie, Flatcoat Retriever - Effie is the CEO of chewing door frames.
Jack Jack, British Bulldog - Jack is the CEO of farting and shouting at strangers.
Phoebe, Flatcoat Retriever - Phoebe does not make friends, unless you have a tennis ball.
MobiVET understand the importance and significance of sharing your life with a pet.

We feel fortunate to be relied upon to provide the highest quality of veterinary care, with compassion, in a space of safety: your pets home.

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