Christina Baker

Christina Baker

Date: 27 July 2021 | By: admin

I'm a new client at MobiVets and from the first phonecall, I am incredibly impressed with them. I love their philosophy and the way they run the practice, home visits for an anxious dog are absolutely what we've wanted for a long time.

We have had Lacra out to see both of our furries (cat and dog) and what a lovely vet, and person she is. Our dog doesn't like new people in general and starts to guard me, but he loved Lacra from the first moment she came in and even took treats off her which he never does with strangers, especially if they're vets! Lacra has such a soft and calm manner with them so they relax which is so lovely to see after so many stressful visits to our old vets.

She is so knowledgeable, helpful and she listens even when you're having a bit of irrational owner stress! I wish we had found her and MobiVets long before now. We'll most certainly be sticking with them, and hope Lacra is the one to visit us each time, although obviously hope it's not too often! I feel fully confident that she'll do the right thing for them and will give us honest and detailed advice when we need it. I fully trust her to look after our aging ex-search dog and allergy ridden and epically naughty, rescue cat.

The other staff I've spoken to are excellent and super efficient as well. Overall, a first class veterinary practice.


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